Transit Original Box

Forrest Gump Transit 1-sheet Movie Poster Special Credit Box & Printed White

Forrest Gump Transit 1-sheet Movie Poster Special Credit Box & Printed White
Forrest Gump Transit 1-sheet Movie Poster Special Credit Box & Printed White
Forrest Gump Transit 1-sheet Movie Poster Special Credit Box & Printed White

Forrest Gump Transit 1-sheet Movie Poster Special Credit Box & Printed White    Forrest Gump Transit 1-sheet Movie Poster Special Credit Box & Printed White

My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Up for sale is an. Amazing rarity in movie poster and cinematic history: A 1994.

FORREST GUMP SPECIAL ADVANCE TRANSIT ONE-SHEET - AKA SUBWAY 1-SHEET! HOW THIS TRANSIT 1-SHEET DIFFERS FROM THE STANDARD POSTER. This poster is a special rarity on numerous fronts. Below, I explain about its extreme rarity and why that is.

Beyond the rarity, this poster is very special in that the printing of this lithograph is of much higher quality. The biggest difference in the quality is the printed white on the poster. The white you see on the poster is NOT the white of the paper.

It's actually an off-white that's been applied on top of the poster paper. This gives this fantastic 1-sheet a spectacular warm vintage look!

Printed white is VERY rare on posters made after the 1910s. Additionally, this poster differs in size.

The standard (common) 1-sheet on Forrest Gump measures 27x40 inches. This poster was issued 31 and 1/8th by 47 inches, which is the standard size for a TRANSIT One-Sheet (see below for more info). Also, if you compare this poster to a photo of the standard (common) 27x40 inch 1-sheet, the credits at the bottom CLEARLY differ in their layout, as to be easier to read - with extra lines of credits. THE HISTORY AND PROVENANCE OF THIS SPECIAL ADVANCE. 1994 - It was a time period when the NSS [National Screen Service] was nearing the end of their survival as a company. It was also a time when NSS no longer distributed any poster sizes here in the United States other than the standard 27x40 inch one-sheet. Subsequently, by the time Forrest Gump came along, NSS was systematically printing huge quantities (tens of thousands) of j us t the standard one-sheets on all the big studio releases, Gump included. Needless to say, because of the huge quantities printed in the 1990s, the standard 27x40 inch one-sheets systematically became commonplace commodities, easily found throughout the poster hobby. Selection of product was a significant factor in making a living, and so I immediately started implementing a countermove; I took a proactive stance by looking towards finding movie posters made outside of NSS' purview. Naturally, I turned my attention towards the out-of-home media industry. Is an advertising industry term. It means outdoor print advertising: billboards, kiosks, sun-shelters, etc.

Also includes other venues accessible to the public: malls, airports, transit systems, supermarkets, toy stores, etc. Use of out-of-home movie poster advertising for major Hollywood films dates back to the early 1930s. It's a tried and true - proven and tested - longstanding method of advertising "A" quality Hollywood features.

Distribution networks, formats and sizes , and, the actual printing methods and/or print-shops used to make the out-of-home posters differed from that of the NSS or studio issued releases, and so for decades poster dealers didn't have any established methods or inroads into getting ahold of out-of-home movie paper. That's the primary reason this Advance Transit One-Sheet poster is so rare - in 1994 - nobody had it to sell! But for a few stray examples, the out-of-home TRANSIT ONE-SHEET poster size didn't make its way into the poster collecting world's hands - not until after the popularization of the internet at the turn of the 21st Century. THE RARITY OF THIS TRANSIT 1-SHEET POSTER.

This is a "SPECIAL" ADVANCE Transit 1-sheet Poster! Beyond what I've already pointed out about the scarcity of the out-of-home poster originals, this special issue was specifically created and designed to be PASTED-UP around the transit systems in select big cities, and so almost 100% of these originals have been destroyed! I don't know of any other dealer or collector anywhere in the world who has one of these Forrest Gump Transit 1-sheets available! There are many 1920's and 1930's posters that are nowhere near as rare as this piece.

You won't find another! Look around, it's truly is one of the rarest and most important posters out there!

I got this rare original from a poster hanger who saved this back in 1994. The poster measures 31 and 1/8th by 47 inches. SOLID NearMINT C-9 MUSEUM ARCHIVAL LINEN-MOUNTED BY THE BEST IN THE US. It's what every collector would would want - A CLEAN, SHARP & BRIGHT ORIGINAL!

IT'S 100% GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC 1994 ADVERTISING POSTER! The poster was issued folded. That's how it was given to the poster hanger back in 1994. To simply get the folds out, I recently had the poster linen-mounted.

See the direct high-res photos of the actual poster you'll be getting! Is an accepted form of poster preservation by the Library of Congress and every Museum in the country. A lot of advanced poster buyers request and prefer linen-mounted posters because it makes framing and displaying the posters much easier - without the risk of damaging the original. The white you see in photo #3 - beyond that of the poster - is the white of the Japanese paper lining the linen border margin. You can see how easy it would be to damage the original poster without that extra margin of protection.

The backing makes the poster much safer to handle - it GREATLY reduces the risk of damaging the original. Also, all of my linen-backed posters have been stored FLAT so they DO NOT have a curl to them - They're all ready for framing and display!

REPRESENTING A SIGNIFICANT CORNER IN THE PANTHEON OF CLASSIC CINEMA. 1 - Forrest Gump was honored with 13 Academy Awards nominations and SIX (6) wins, including Best Picture, Best Director, and, Best Actor, not to mention Best Visual Effects. 2 - Tom Hanks' performance as Forrest Gump was so amazing that he won a second Academy Award for it.

The historic win came right on the heels of receiving his first Academy Award for his work in "Philadelphia, " released the year before in 1993. He's only the second actor to win back-to-back Oscars in the history of the Academy Awards. That fact wasn't lost on Hanks, as witnessed by the heartfelt opining about at the Academy Awards throughout his Forrest Gump acceptance speech. Needless to say, that speech went over big!

It still stands as one of the most memorable cultural events televised during the 20th Century. It was quite a scene, perhaps the actor's most moving to date. 3 - The AFI's top 100 greatest films list includes Forrest Gump. Nowadays, you see Forrest Gump place on a lot of lists for movie greatness.

I think it's ultimately because the film touched an unusual cord of compassion within its fans. You can attribute much of that to the relentless affection Hanks garnered and maintained towards playing the title role. The actor's good spirit and undying enthusiasm gave us something real and solid to hold onto throughout the entire surreal journey as presented in Gump. It really grounded the film. Hanks' performance in this technologically driven feature was considered to be a "tour de force" in the acting world back in 1994. It still remains one of the most notable big-screen achievements of all time. Looking back on it today, there's no disputing that the second Academy Award was a well-deserved one! Nearly a quarter century later, Tom Hanks stills remains atop the "A" list of working actors in Hollywood. His extreme likability makes him one of the most revered and beloved actors of all time. Forrest Gump is Tom Hanks' signature role. Nurse at Park Bench Michael Conner Humphreys...

Young Forrest Gump Harold G. Himself - Stepping onto the Moon (archive footage) Jim Boeke...

University of Alabama Assistant Football Coach Arthur Bremer... Himself - Shooting George Wallace (archive footage). Himself - New Year's Eve (archive footage) John Connally... Himself - with JFK in Dallas (archive footage) Jim Damron... Alabama College Photographer #1 Gerald Ford...

Himself - Assassination Attempt (archive footage) Christopher James Hall... Himself - in Vietnam (archive footage) Lyndon Johnson... Himself (archive footage) Shann Johnson Jim Keller...

Himself (archive footage) Robert F. Himself - after 1968 California Primary (archive footage).

Himself (archive footage) Jacqueline Lovell... Himself - Assassination Attempt (archive footage) Mark A. Elvis Presley (voice) Brendan Shanahan...

Black Panther Mary Ellen Trainor... Jenny's Babysitter USC Trojan Marching Band... Alabama Marching Band George Wallace... Gump's Housekeeper Ione M. Dorothy Harris, School Bus Driver Alexander Zemeckis... School Bus Boy Logan Livingston Gomez... School Bus Boy Ben Waddel... School Bus Boy Elizabeth Hanks... Young Jenny Curran Tyler Long... Boy with Cross Grady Bowman...

Curran, Jenny's Father Fay Genens... Jenny's Grandmother Frank Geyer... Red Headed Teen Jason McGuire... Teen with Cross Sonny Shroyer...

High School Football Coach Ed Davis... High School Football Coach Daniel C.

Kick Off Return Player David Brisbin... Earl, Demonstration Observer Angela Lomas... Woman with Child on Park Bench Mark Matheisen... Billy, Jenny's Date Al Harrington... Local Anchor #1 Jed Gillin...

Army Bus Driver Michael Flannery... Blue, Bubba's Mother Kitty K. Bubba's Great-Grandmother John Worsham...

Strip Club Emcee Mike Jolly... Pick-up Truck Driver Daniel J. Staff Sergeant at Fort Platoon Vietnam Aaron Izbicki... Dallas from Phoenix Michael Burgess... Army Hospital Male Nurse Eric Underwood... Hospital Officer (as Stephen Wesley Bridgewater) Bonnie Ann Burgess... National Correspondent #1 John William Galt... Veteran at War Rally Richard D'Alessandro... Policeman at War Rally Kevin Davis... Wesley, SDS Organizer Tim Perry... Hippie at Commune Vanessa Roth... Man in VW Bug Valentino...

Chinese Ping Pong Player Dick Cavett... Cunning Carla, Prostitute at Bar. Long-Limbs Lenor, Prostitute at Bar Aloysius Gigl... National Correspondent #4 Joe Alaskey... President Richard Nixon (voice) Lazarus Jackson...

Drugged Out Boyfriend Peter Bannon... Local Correspondent #2 Joe Washington... Elderly Southern Woman on Park Bench Nathalie Hendrix... Local Anchor #3 Hallie D'Amore... Waitress in Cafe Chiffonye Cobb...

Wild Eyed Man (as Tim McNeil). Dan's Fiancée Steve DeRellian... Wounded Soldier (as Stephen Derelian) John Glenn Harding... It can crash regardless of any decision you make and can even crash regardless of any decision made by the company related to the stock - Leaving you with a near worthless piece of paper that won't inspire anyone! The magnificence of art and historic documents have an inherent value that relates to civilization and society. Please write with any questions.

If you're in the market for top quality original vintage movie posters or Star Wars, then please. The item "FORREST GUMP TRANSIT 1-SHEET MOVIE POSTER SPECIAL CREDIT BOX & PRINTED WHITE" is in sale since Sunday, December 1, 2019. This item is in the category "Entertainment Memorabilia\Movie Memorabilia\Posters\Originals-United States\1990-99".miniver" and is located in Studio City, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Size: TRANSIT 1-Sheet 31 and 1/8th by 47 inches
  2. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  3. Movie: Forrest Gump
  4. Original/Reproduction: Original
  5. Object Type: Poster
  6. Industry: Movies

Forrest Gump Transit 1-sheet Movie Poster Special Credit Box & Printed White    Forrest Gump Transit 1-sheet Movie Poster Special Credit Box & Printed White